What is Fischer HRM?

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About us

Fischer HRM’s “Japan Desk” was founded in 2007 as a department which focuses on the needs of Japanese customers. We have more than 10 years of experience in research and in the support of the set-up of branch offices, having introduced more than 350 candidates to over 200 Japanese companies to date. Our international team consists of Japanese and German specialists, enabling us to meet the different personnel needs of Japanese companies in Germany / Europe.

Why the “Japan Desk”?

As the “Japan Desk” we are a team, belonging to the German recruitment agency Fischer HRM, which specializes in the diverse personnel needs of Japanese companies. As such, we as the Japan Desk, have gained the trust of many Japanese companies over the last 10 plus years. We are NOT a Japanese recruitment agency, meaning we do not exclusively seek cooperation with Japanese companies based in Europe or Japan. We also fill positions for German companies in Japan, for example for local branch offices.
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We offer individual consultation sessions/ coaching in which we give you personal, all round advice regarding how to write a convincing application or the appropriate way to act during a Japanese interview. Whether you are a job seeker or currently employed and looking to boost your career in Europe within an international context, we at Fischer HRM are happy to support you with the job hunt, your career start or your next career step. You can register directly on the Fischer HRM website with your German, English or Japanese CV or simply send an email containing your application documents to the “Japan Desk” email. The registration is completely free. After your registration/ upon receiving your CV, you have the opportunity to discuss, whether any of our currently vacancies fit your profile or to help us understand your ideas and preferences, so that we can contact you with interesting job opportunities in the future.
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Company history

In 2002 Ms. Maria Fischer founded Fischer HRM GmbH in order to apply her many years of experience in international personnel consulting within a company whose values ​​and quality orientation she herself could define and practice.
She achieves this goal by surrounding herself with likeminded people who share her values ​​and quality orientated mindset.
The membership in the BDU (Federal Association of German Management Consultants) and in the Diversity Charter underline this orientation, meaning Fischer HRM follows the professional principles of the BDU while corresponding with the values ​​of the Diversity Charter. 

Country Desks

One of Fischer HRM’s USP (Unique Sales Point) are the “Country Desks” which specialize in specific countries and their clientele. Today, in addition to the Japan Desk, the China Desk as well as the France Desk are responsible for country-specific projects and cooperation requests. 

Japan Desk

We at Fischer HRM support a wide range of personnel introductions within Europe with a focus on Germany and the “Japan Desk” acting as a point of contact for Japanese companies.
We serve as a „window for customer communication“ in order to accompany and support Japanese corporate customers and candidates with great care from the first meeting to the final signing of the contract.
The „Japan Desk“ is not a Japanese recruitment agency that only specializes in Japanese companies based in Germany and Europe. We also use the know-how of the German recruitment agency Fischer HRM, which is successfully established on the German / European personnel market. In this way we are able to offer a comprehensive and professional service from which Japanese companies in Europe and international companies relating to Japan can benefit optimally.
To this day, the “Japan Desk” has a strong track record in introducing candidates in general positions such as Logistics, Sales Assistance, Office Management etc., all the way to technical and C-level positions like Managing Director, Sales Manager or Engineers in different industries. 


Japanese companies located in important economic regions in central and northern Germany, such as Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, are managed by the “Japan Desk” from our headquarter in Düsseldorf. We correspond with companies in important southern economic regions such as Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart from our southern German branch, that opened in Munich in autumn 2016.